Civil Peace

For those who have lost civil peace

The 13th century was a time of great social upheaval. Emperors battled with Popes, one city fought against another, Christians fought against Muslims, etc. Both St. Francis and St. Anthony worked hard to establish peace one heart at a time.

St. Francis travelled to Egypt where Christians were fighting a crusade against the Muslims. Instead of advocating violence, he visited the camp of the Muslim leader and lovingly spoke to him about Christ. The Sultan was so impressed that he gave him an ivory horn as a safe transit pass to travel to the Holy Land. (This ivory horn can be found in Assisi to this very day.)

St. Anthony is said to have travelled to the court of a certain tyrant named Ezzelino of Romagna. He was guilty of horrific massacres and terrible exploitation of his people. Anthony warned him that he was earning his place in hell. Even though Ezzelino would probably have killed anyone else for saying these things, he respected Anthony for his honesty and courage.

Prayer for civil peace:

St. Anthony,
It seems at times as if our world is coming apart at its seams.
Please intercede for us all
so that we can establish a world filled with peace and understanding.
Heal the wounds of violence, drugs, social injustice, prejudice, immorality
and all the other woes of our world.
May the Kingdom of God dawn more and more fully upon this earth.

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