Peace in our Families

For those who have lost peace within their families

St. Anthony was very concerned with the health of family life. He is said to have intervened a number of times when he encountered families that were in trouble.

Once, there was a man who suffered from terrible jealousy. When his wife had a baby, he refused to believe that the child was his. St. Anthony heard about this and visited the family. He ordered the child to speak and to indicate who his father was. The child was only an infant, but he obeyed St. Anthony and pointed toward the man who was jealous, saying that he was his father.

Another time, there was a woman who was seriously depressed because she knew that her husband was cheating on her. St. Anthony consoled her and prevented her from committing suicide, but he also appeared to that woman's husband. He told the man what his wife had been planning to do and why. The man turned away from his selfish ways and recommitted himself to his wife whom he had so often betrayed.

Prayer for oneself:

St. Anthony,
Things are not going all that well in my family.
Please intercede for us so that we can learn to respect and forgive each other.
Most of all, may I be a peace maker in my family,
not making the situation worse by expecting others to bow to my ways,
but rather seeing how I can serve and love those who most need it.

Prayer for others:

St. Anthony,
I am concerned about __________ and his/her family.
Things do not seem to be going all that well for them.
Pease intercede for them so that they can learn to respect and forgive each other.
May they be healed in Christ's love.

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