Preaching Schedule

Since the beginning of the Franciscan order, friars have gone out on the road to preach repentance and the mercy of God. Fr. Jude travels to various parishes and retreat houses to preach parish missions, retreats, days of recollection, and adult education courses.

The normal parish mission begins with a mini-retreat for parish ministers on Saturday morning. Fr. Jude then preaches at all of the Masses throughout the weekend. There are morning and evening sessions during the week. Some parishes opt for two different topics, others for the same theme repeated twice.

One important aspect of every parish mission is the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is not unusual for people who have been away from this beautiful sacrament to seek it during the mission week. Fr. Jude makes ample opportunities for people to participate in it throughout the week.

He also visits C.C.D. classes, the grammar school, various groups, etc. during the week.

There is even an outreach of postcards that parishioners can mail to family members who are in need of consolation assuring them that they are being prayed for during the mission.