Remember Us

Dear Friend and Companion of St. Anthony,

After remembering family and special friends in their estate plans, many people also include favorite charities as an important part of their will. God has always blessed the Franciscan family with true friends and benefactors who have accompanied the friars with both their friendship as well as with their material resources necessary for the advancement of the Franciscan spirit and mission.

One of the most significant ways you can participate in this Franciscan advancement is to include the Companions of St. Anthony in your estate plans. Either by an inclusion in a newly drafted will or by means of an amendment to an already existing estate document known as a codicil, a bequest to the Companions of St. Anthony truly is an extension of one's life goals.

Be it an outright dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of one's estate or a residual bequest, any of these options can achieve your charitable bequest intentions.

As with any legal document, please confer with your attorney when writing your will to ensure that legal protocols are observed and to avoid needless heartache, expense and confusion at the time of probate.

For your convenience, the legal title for the Companions of St. Anthony is:

Order of Friars Minor Conventual, Our Lady of the Angels Province, USA, Inc.
If you have any questions regarding a bequest to the Companions of St. Anthony or to request further literature, please do not hesitate to contact me.