Teaching Materials

Even in the early days of the Franciscan Order, the friars recognized that there are many ways to preach the message. St. Anthony of Padua produced a compendium for preachers to aid in their ability to draw people to Christ through their preaching.


The Companions of St. Anthony has many different formats for proclaiming the word. These include brochures, books, audio tapes and video tapes on a wide range of theological and spiritual topics.


From in-depth studies of Scripture and reader-friendly explanations of our Catholic Faith to children's books for faith development, the Companions of St. Anthony offer resources for spiritual growth to people of all ages.


The Companions of St. Anthony also offer prayer books and sacramentals to foster devotion and prayer. In addition, the COSA offer resources to help understand and participate more fully in the Liturgy and Parish life of one's community.


So whether you are an individual looking to deepen your understanding and practice of the Catholic faith, or a Director of Religious Education looking for good educational materials for your students or a pastor looking for good catechetical materials for your congregation, the Companions of St. Anthony has resources to meet your needs.