Trust in Others

For those who have lost trust in others:

Like all of us, St. Anthony wanted to trust others and he wanted them to trust him.

This is why a correspondence he had with St. Francis must have brought him so much comfort. St. Anthony had been trained in theology. As the friars encountered more and more heretics, they realized that they needed more training in theology. St. Anthony wrote to St. Francis asking him for permission to teach the friars. Now, St. Francis was not thrilled with too much learning, for he was afraid that the friars would become arrogant. Yet, he trusted St. Anthony whom he affectionately called "his bishop." He told St. Anthony to teach the friars "in a spirit of prayer and devotion." This was a sign of just how much St. Francis trusted St. Anthony.

St. Anthony also taught others to trust by showing them how much he trusted in God. Once, St. Anthony was invited to a meal by some heretics. The invitation was only a trick, though, for the heretics had poisoned the food. They told St. Anthony about this. Now, if St. Anthony refused to eat the food, then it would prove that he did not really believe in the Gospels which say that those who preach in Jesus' name would not be harmed by poison. If he ate the food, then he might be putting the Lord to the test. St. Anthony prayed out loud, saying to God that he would eat the food, but not to test him. He was only eating it to show the heretics that God was faithful.

Prayer for oneself:

St. Anthony,
I'm not sure who I can trust any more.
I'm not even sure I can trust myself or God.
Please intercede for me so that I might learn to trust again.
Also, teach me to be trustworthy
so that others might see in me someone
who renews their hope and trust in others.

Prayer for others:

St. Anthony,
It seems as if ________ cannot trust anyone.
This certainly places his/her faith in danger.
Please intercede for __________ so that he/she might learn to trust again.
Also, teach him/her to be trustworthy
so that others might see in him/her
someone who will renew their hope and trust in others.

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